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During my time at California State University, Los Angeles & California State University, Long Beach, I taught several courses in the department of psychology as a Health Psychologist. I am always happy to share syllabi and/or materials with fellow instructors. Feel free to contact me if you would like any materials.

Classes Taught or Currently Teaching

Racial/Ethnic Minority Mental Health

Health Psychology

Psychology of Stress

Positive Psychology

Psychology of Emotion and Motivation

Social Psychology

Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Graduate Studies


Selected Student Reviews

  • “I really enjoyed this course over the semester not only because I learned new objectives/concepts, but because you made the students feel motivated to learn and participate. There was never a dull moment in the class. On every assignment given to the class, everything was explained in detail, making sure that directions were clear. As well there was enough time for assignments and readings to be completed. Thank you for lecturing this course.”

  • “There are so many things that I'd like to say about Dr. B, but I don't have the time so to summarize his performance as an instructor and individual into one word would be: PERFECT. He can honestly do no wrong. I wish I could take more classes with him because he's just such an awesome professor and human being. The way he talks, the way he thinks, everything about him is so relatable. He's very passionate about the material and just life in general because his work is his life. I'm so glad I took this class. 12/10 would recommend.”

  • “Such a great professor! He incorporated real life current events every class session and had us critically think and openly express our views on topics. I loved this class.”

  • “Professor Bamishigbin was a very efficient professor and I loved working with him. He was always very approachable and made the class interesting for us. He provided material that was relatable to a majority of the class and showed us videos that further educated us on class topics. I loved the class overall and I would recommend it to anyone.”

  • “Best teacher I've ever had in all my 3 years of attending this school. I wish to take another course you may teach. Each paper and class discussion topic really helped me to understand the materials of the course and also for myself to be more open minded and aware of the things that are happening around minorities. I really enjoyed how each class lecture began with current events which made learning more interesting because it's not like we focused on just past events and findings of history but we actually used present day facts to transition and understand what we are learning and how it applies to what we see everyday.”

  • “Professor Bamishigbin was a excellent professor that really cares about his students. Whenever I needed help with papers I was always invited to his office hours for help. He is very insightful and has the class engage in societal issues. I really enjoyed his lectures because they were always teaching me something new. I would recommend him to my peers to learn more about Psychology, and anything in general.”

  • “Dr B. knows what he is doing, he is very knowledgeable in his field and because of that he makes the class easy to understand. He has an effective way of keeping his students engaged in the classroom, whether it be through group work or with his humor. He encourages his students to do well and is very motivating. Dr B. also cares about his students grades and is helpful and easy to talk to.”

  • “This professor made Research methods very easy to learn and understand, it was a well taught class, and very fun because he interacted with each one of us. He does his job really well and cares about the students as well.”

  • “I dreaded taking research methods after my bad experience with stats, but I enjoyed this class! You made a long time in this class not seem so long. The vibe of the class as a whole was great and it was because you made everybody feel comfortable. Thank you!”

  • “I loved his teaching skills, I was able to understand concepts that he would put into simple words for me to understand.  I'd highly recommend my friends to take this course in specific, if he is the one teaching it.”

  • “Dr. Bamishigbin is an excellent professor! He really made my experience as an incoming MA student very enjoyable. I feel so much more secure now moving forward because he taught me. I give him the highest ratings possible. Thank you, Dr. B!”

  • “Dr. Bamishigbin was very knowledgeable in this area and always offered constructive feedback that allowed me to grow as a student. This course helped me learn things that I need to be aware of during the two years of the graduate program.”

  • “I'd never taken a class like this before and on the first day I didn't even know what a disparity was. I not only learned so much from this class (from the textbook, the lively discussions in class, current event news, controversial racial viewpoints from around the world) but I highly enjoyed the teaching method. I personally thrive and retain knowledge best when classes are made up mostly of discussion of the material. The instructor was very professional yet relatable (this helped the students loosen up a lot) and very approachable. I would recommend this class and instructor to anyone.”


Dr. Bamishigbin has always been passionate about mentoring young students. During his time at UCLA, he worked in the Academic Advancement Program's Graduate Mentorship and Research Programs (AAP GMRP) office wherehe was able to assist countless students in working towards their goals of graduate students. In addition to providing emotional support for students, he assisted them in

  • getting into labs to conduct undergraduate research

  • choosing the right graduate and professional programs to apply to

  • obtaining good letters of recommendation

  • writing personal statements and statements of purpose

  • interviewing for graduate school

  • preparing for the GRE

Outside of the AAP GMRP office, he also mentored multiple undergraduate students in his graduate research lab.

  • Alexis Umoye, B.S. is currently a medical student at UC Davis

  • Alexa Lucas, B.S. is currently a medical student at UC Irvine

  • Kristina Phan, M.P.H  received her MPH from the CUNY School of Public Health

When he began his position as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, he was the Principal Investigator and Director of the Stress, Resilience, and Health Lab, where he mentored multiple undergraduate and graduate students who attended and presented at conferences such as the Western Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science.

  • Rachel Verhagen, B.A., is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Miami.

  • Maira Anaya-Lopez, B.A.,  is currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology at UC, Santa Cruz.

  • Stephanie Ruiz, B.A., is currently pursing her Master's in Social Welfare at the University of Southern California.

  • Katrina Arabyan, B.A., is currently pursuing her MFT at Loma Linda University.

  • Nyona Perkins, B.A., is currently pursuing her M.A. in Education at Cal State Long Beach.

  • Claudia Bobadilla, B.A., is currently pursuing her M.A. in Psychology at Cal State Fullerton.

  • Zoe Su, B.A., is in a Master's Program in Psychology at Purdue Global.

  • Paulette Hacopian, M.A. received her MA in Psychology from Cal State LA.

  • Christine Lopez, B.A. will be beginning her Master's in Clinical Psychology a Grand Canyon University

  • Sharon Lanre-Orepo, B.A. and Claudia Ocholski, B.A. completed their M.A.'s in Psychology at Cal State LA

  • Edith Hernandez, B.A. and Henry Salgado, B.A. received their B.A.'s in Psychology from Cal State LA.

  • Katherine Mata, B.A. will be applying for graduate programs in psychology.

  • Esther Duran, B.A., is currently a police officer at Bell Police Department.

  • Jonathan Ramos-Lopez, B.A., is currently a Site Coordinator at LA's BEST after school program, a Confirmation Coordinator at St. Patrick's North Hollywood confirmation program, and Trainer at StrengthRx Crossfit.

  • Gillian Almanza is currently an undergraduate student in the process of applying for graduate programs.

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